Marriage Counseling Nanaimo

Individuals who are seeking for improved relationships with their partners are not lost anymore. Thanks to marriage counseling, a support system offered to people who are looking for guidance on ways to improve intimacy on their relationships.

Marriage counseling can be sought not only when a relationship is becoming bleak, but is also applicable for couples who will be soon tying the knot.

Among the approaches currently available in the market include:

· Imago Therapy, popularized by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. is a form of therapy wherein it explores how an individual unconsciously choose partners.

· Emotionally Focused Therapy encourages individuals to activate the innately adaptive potential of emotions to change unwanted emotional states. In couples’ parlance, it encourages partners to evaluate their communication and interaction between each other.

· Internal Family System Therapy involves recognizing that each individual has sub-personalities, and as individuals develop they must find balance and harmony within them. This often allows their partner to understand them more.

Marriage counseling in Nanaimo touches on various facets such as anxiety treatments, psychotherapy, depression treatments, and advices on how to build and maintain strong and rewarding relationships. The depth of counseling varies depending on the needs of an individual or couple. Other services even extend various setting such as private retreat, group practices, and counseling centers to ensure desired outcome. The expected results of the therapy and session will vary depending on the frequency and the goal set by the counselor and the couples/individual seeking for advice.

There are a handful of certified practitioners in marriage counseling in Nanaimo that promise a couple’s happily ever after. They are even reachable through your fingertips just like a fairy godmother to your rescue. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want a happy ending?

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